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TAS provides both integrated in-house tax specialist services and tax specialist advice across a range of taxes including:

Income tax (including capital gains tax)
Goods and services tax
Fringe benefits tax

Integrated in-house tax specialist services

We work in your business to provide that tax technical edge. We are "on tap" to help with any aspect of your client service delivery that you may require.
Examples of the work we provide include:
Phone support for general tax queries
Risk identification reviews - are you sure you've considered all the issues?
Technical review of draft advice - is the advice right?
Full research / drafting of advice from beginning to end
Tax calculations (such as tax consolidations, thin capitalisation, Controlled Foreign Company attributed income )
Tax due diligence

Tax specialist advice

We also provide tax advice on specific issues as required. These can be "one-off" engagements.
Examples of the types of areas we provide advice on include:
Mergers, acquisitions and restructures
Tax effective structures incorporating asset v risk protection
Tax consolidations
International transactions and structures
Taxation of Financial Arrangements
Division 7A deemed dividends
Small business concessions
SMSF strategies and structuring (such as limited recourse borrowing arrangements and other structures for acquisitions within the SMSF environment)
2nd opinions

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If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please contact us via phone or email, or Request advice and we'll get back to you.

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Latest Tax Bite

ATO’s Private Groups Justified Trust program

Tax Advisory Specialists recently attended a workshop with Deputy Commissioner Tim Dyce and Assistance Commissioner Gregory Dick on the ATO’s Private Groups Justified Trust program.
In broad terms, Justified Trust is an approach by the ATO to build and maintain community confidence that taxpayers are paying the right amount of tax.
The Justified Trust program is aimed towards large private groups, market leaders and groups of specific interest.  However, the principles of Justified Trust are also applied to medium sized and emerging private groups (including where net wealth is as little as $5 million).
So the ATO’s approach to Justified Trust will most likely apply in some way or another to your larger clients.
For justified trust to be established across a private group, the following four elements need to be met:
  1. Effective tax governance demonstrated;
  2. Risks flagged to market are not present or appropriately mitigated;
  3. Tax outcomes from new and significant transactions are explained; and
  4. Differences in accounting and tax results are explained.
Effective tax governance is a critical element.  It comprises the following principles:
  1. Accountable management & oversight;
  2. Recognise tax risks;
  3. Seek advice;
  4. Integrity in reporting;
  5. Professional and productive working relationship;
  6. Timely lodgement and payments; and
  7. Ethical and responsive behaviour.
It is worth thinking about how your private group clients would rate against the above criteria.
And if you need to seek specialist tax advice, remember we are here to help.

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